Future Goals

What do you have to do, when you have reached your initial goals and dreams?

Although I had started my career the good old fashioned way, working in a place where I could have stayed in my comfort zone till retirement, the day I was proposed a position to work in Paris, that stability left place to a complete different journey.  

The very first big change to was to stop working, in Paris, and go back to school, in Barcelona, to do my International MBA.  That sabbatical leave, apart from costing quite a lot of money, took me out of my professional path for a couple of years. 

From there, a completely new set of opportunities started to unfold in front of me, but although they were nice, they were at the same time not geared at all towards anything permanent.  

Then came the big crisis that we all know, in 2008, during which I had the chance to work in the most satisfying job, even till today.   I was Director of IT for Europe, in a privately held Spanish company in the health sector, where I was responsible for the activities in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Poland.

However, as the MBA had made me want to move into the business world, I eventually jumped ship to step into a start-up joint venture in the text based mobile messaging business, with one of my providers.  Unfortunately, as we were moving forward with the Business Development activities, I got less and less convinced with the directions of my business partner peers, so I finally decided to sell my shares and get my money back, to get out of that business.   

So, at that point, I realized that I getting really, really, really far from my initial comfortable path.  I had left my best job and now I was also stepping back of a business project.  I felt I was some kind of back to a starting point.  

Thus, from there I simply started working as a Freelance consultant, to get going again and keep my eyes open to grab the next interesting opportunity.  

In 2012, I got an offer, from an ex-colleague who had appreciated working with me during my contract at the Bank of France, to return to Paris, to work on a demanding project, during the Mergers and Acquisitions process between the BNP Paribas group, the biggest bank in Europe, with its 132.000 employees worldwide, and the Fortis bank, biggest bank in Belgium.  I obviously jumped on that opportunity and really enjoyed myself in Paris again, as I felt I was once again on top of my situation, being the go-to person at BNP Paribas, for the whole Fortis Bank backup infrastructure.   I had great responsibilities and I was recognized for what I was doing.  I had once more found a place where I could have stayed for years………..

But, at the same time, back home, in Barcelona, I had a little kid that was growing up with a “remote” father.  So, even though I was professionally the happiest man on earth, in 2015, my personal values forced me to resign from that position, to come back home in Spain, to start being a real father, in person.  

Once back in Barcelona, I had basically to start over again, which, by the same token, means that I was getting further and further from my initial track and desire to have and live a stable professional life!  But, no problem, I continued to look and move forward, learning and increasing my overall professional value.

Bottom line, if I want to keep the story short, I think the time has more than come for me now to get the position that my overall experience and skillsets deserve.   I have invested a lot of years stepping out of my comfort zone, to keep on growing, professionally, learning new things, getting new certifications.  I would now, once and for all, want to get something where I will be able to evolve, with a company, for years…  The time has come!

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